DAV Police Public School, Police Lines, Karnal, Haryana

Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code no. 531758


Rules Related to Bus Fee

•    Transport fee is payable for eleven months.
•    Parents seeking school transport are required to fill up the prescribed transport Application form and deposit the same to the transport Incharge with the bus fee. Thereafter bus fee will be charged on monthly/quarterly basis as per the fee bill.
•    Request for route change or discontinuation has to be made in the beginning of the session and once the request has been made, no further similar request shall be entertained.
•    Bus fee will continue to be charged unless the withdrawal form is actually received within the time prescribed.
•    Under no circumstances, bus fee once paid shall be refunded /adjusted.
•    No withdrawal from bus will be allowed during the session.
•    Even if a child uses the route one way, full payment has to be made for both ways.  


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DAV Police Public School
Police Lines,  Kaithal Road,
Karnal (Haryana).
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Phone: 8295972799, 9518840491
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