DAV Police Public School, Police Lines, Karnal, Haryana

Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code no. 531758

Principal’s Message  

It is a teamwork, dedicated towards a great target, resulting in achievement. D.A.V POLICE PUBLIC SCHOOLS are dream project of Sh B.S Sandhu, DGP (Haryana), the very name conjures up the vision of an institution dedicated towards developing moral values among the young minds  and their holistic growth by inculcating  Swami Dayanand’s ideals. Ours  D.A.V Police Public School, Police Lines, Karnal is an institution whose students are encouraged not only to give the right answers but also to ask right questions. A place where students are not only made to learn their lessons but also made to unlearn their prejudices .
We provide our students a unique learning experience which fosters holistic development of each child. We believe that each child has a potential which when nurtured with care and patient  guidance, can put the child on the path of excellence. The unique philosophy of DAVPPS Karnal is to  open up the mind of the child to explore learning at his/her pace, facilitates learning with comprehension, synthesizing knowledge and hones creative skills. A conducive and interactive learning environment along with a wide array of co-scholastic activities and the talent development programme offers opportunities of pursuit of a hobby and developing the skills of the activity. We believe that values are not taught but caught, hence the school environment reverberates with values that are quintessential for an enriched existence. DAVPPS Karnal aspire to develop young minds to be prepared for the challenges of a dynamic world, to make them compassionate individuals, and to motivate them to effect meaningful changes.

Our purpose is: Preparing All Students for “Success in A Global Economy” (P.A.S.S.A.G.E.)
Our school environment has been created with the focus on “Show the pride in everything you have.”
With the parent as partners, we have followed a positive direction. We always welcome their critical feedback for the schools improvement. DAVPPS Karnal is fortunate to have such lovely students and strong parent body to support.
May Goddess of knowledge enlighten our future.     

Sumita Arora
M.Sc Geography, M.Ed,M-Phill(Geography)  U.G.C.NET

DAV Police Public School
Police Lines, Karnal

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DAV Police Public School
Police Lines,  Kaithal Road,
Karnal (Haryana).
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